Extra Time for Filing a Business Tax Return Extensions

This unprecedented news just in from Washington, D.C.: the IRS has just today granted businesses affected by the severe winter blizzard extra time to file a six month extension to file their 2016 federal income tax returns. Business taxpayers who are unable to file their tax return by today's due date (March 15, 2017) or who are unable to contact their tax professionals to file a six month extension by midnight tonight (March 15, 2017) for their business, have until March 20, 2017 to file for this six-month extension.

This additional time is extended to both businesses and tax professionals that have been affected by this week's storm, known as Storm Stella. It hit mostly the Northeast U.S. and the Mid-Atlantic states. But other areas and businesses have been indirectly affected through flight delays, cancellations, and other back-ups in the transportation and grid systems.

How to get the extension? Eligible business owners (S Corporations, Corporations and Partnerships) must file special forms for an extension request. Additionally - and most importantly - they should write "Winter Storm Stella" at the top of those forms. Don't delay - get them in by March 20, 2017 and do it electronically. Five extra days is a very nice gift, but it isn't a long time. If you need assistance, contact your tax professional or Enrolled Agent as soon as possible and ask for the Winter Storm Stella extra extension.

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