Runwy Audit

Audits happen. And we're sure the last thing you want to put on your to do list is Deal with the IRS.  Yet that's exactly what you'll have to do. In fact, it will eventually end up at the top of your list. Just about every audit requires you to characterize, substantiate, and explain your income and expenses. That takes time - a lot of time. And when being audited, the IRS begins a process that is structured and may even be characterized as demanding. The IRS has a lot of practice doing audits and most individuals do not.

We talk to the IRS just about every day on a priority phone line, on behalf of our clients who have received a correspondence audit or notice. We have the knowledge, skills and expertise required to communicate, negotiate, and use best practices to understand exactly what is being audited and what is required for a mutually successful outcome.

One thing to remember is that you have options. Assessments can be questioned. Audits can be reconsidered. Tax returns can be amended. Don't let your life become undone just because you got an audit notice.

Our Audit Assistance Includes:

  • Determining your Account Status with the IRS
  • Responding to Letters and Notices from the IRS
  • Preparing Unfiled Tax Returns
  • Amending tax returns
  • Creating Monthly Payment Plans
  • Having Penalties Reconsidered
  • Making Offers in Compromise

Call Us Now at (321) 775-8186 and we'll be glad to assist you with the IRS.

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